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Some wonder if I really due have a job…

I am sure many have asked themselves “what on earth does Trevor actually do for a living?” and I certainly don’t blame anyone for asking, because my existence tends to

Time for a change

If you are looking for a way to really challenge yourself and your golf game this season, consider doing things differently. I am not suggesting you use a different swing

Nothing like a good book!

I am an avid reader – maybe collector is a more accurate description…lol – of books and have many favourites. When it comes to golf specific titles in my personal

The Critical 97 Percent

My column this week in the Medicine Hat News was inspired by a great lecture I saw delivered by my friend Dustan Lang.  I would love to hear your thoughts

Science facts about golf

Everyone has a repertoire of interesting yet useless facts…here are a few of mine.  Don’t forget to share some of yours in the comment section below. I have not researched

Video: A snapshot of golf 101 for beginners – Start at 1:05

Planning to take up the sport of golf this season? Christy Pick of Shaw stopped by for a visit to discuss the game and the anxiety beginners face.  You will